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Convert your PDF files with 100% fidelity to editable DOC and DOCX documents. The converted WORD document will be as accurate as possible.

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Converting PDF to WORD ...

  • Converting PDF into WORD

    Sometimes it is more convenient to convert the file from PDF into WORD. This makes proofreading easier. After all, the converter converts a document with the ability to edit text. This will bypass blockages or other inconveniences. If necessary, the process can be converted back.

  • How to convert PDF into WORD

    The process is very simple and doesn't take much time. You can convert the document format to docx using our service. To do this, simply upload the document so that the system can recognize it. Then the converter will do the conversion online. All data in the file will remain the same.

  • Privacy protection

    We understand how important for our users is their personal information. Therefore, we have developed a service that works completely automatically, without registration, and in Russian. You just need to upload the desired document to convert it into the DOC and download it afterwards.

  • Fast results

    Many users wonder how we can convert files to doc so fast. Because many files of various formats are downloaded every day. We use cloud storage. It allows you to eliminate system overload, copying, ensuring stable online operation and fast exportation.

  • Converting into other formats with any device

    We have made our service universal. It is translated in several languages. At the same time, it works with any operating systems: from Macintosh to Linux. All popular browsers are also supported. You can use our service either with a computer, or a phone. The quality will remain the same.

  • Free without limits

    The service is based on pure altruism. You don't have to pay for anything. Enjoy all its features without any limits. No tariffs or other inconveniences. Here you can recognize the text using the online converter and change it into dock.