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Remove protection, password, encryption security from PDF for easy file use.

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  • How to unlock PDFs

    Most downloaded PDF files have their own protection. This is done in order to prevent the document from being corrected in an unnecessary manner. However, sometimes it needs to be corrected. To do this, you need to unlock the document using a special program.

  • How to edit a document if it has print protection?

    The protected file can be opened and previewed. However, making editing, for example, removing unnecessary things, is virtually impossible. System protection prevents you from doing this. To make a correction, you need to unlock it. Our service will help with this.

  • How to work with our service

    There is nothing easier than achieving results with the help of our service. To do this online, simply upload the file you need. Confirm your actions by clicking the appropriate button. The system automatically unlocks PDF in just a couple of seconds. Sometimes a password is required.

  • Safe or not

    We do not use files that you upload to our service. They are not even saved. The system automatically deletes them after a while. We also do not request any personal data, no registration is required. So everything is safe.

  • Cost-free of for a payment

    We do not charge any money for the service provided. You can use it to its fullest and not pay a dime. Our aim was to develop a system for processing PDF files at any time without restrictions, and we achieved it. Now we are constantly expanding and improving functions.

  • Cloud storage

    To prevent the system from overloading and work properly without failures, we use a cloud service. This is where you upload all your files. It is completely safe. Also, this approach provides high quality and high processing speed. Everything happens in a couple of seconds.